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I thought that while I was adding some info, I might add a link to another tool that I have worked with lately.  Screencasting and Kerpoof!  Actually, the link below is a screencast of kerpoof, crazy I know!  Anyway, kerpoof is a site designed for use by younger grade students where they can design books and storylines as well as drawings and pictures.  Screencasting is a tool that allows you to record the user process of any web tool for further use and instruction.  Both are new tools to me that I look forward to adding to my repertoire!

Screencast and Kerpoof


Hello again!  Well, I have spent some time learning all kinds of new web tools and boy has it been an adventure!  I have discovered that it seems to take me a long time to learn any new technology, maybe it is my age maybe I am just not a computer person, who knows.  Anyway I have been reflecting on all of this new technology and how I might use this in my future art classroom.   I have included a sample motivator that I have been able to develop on a website called glogster.  The unit plan that goes along with this motivator focuses on upcycling used plastic bottles into beautiful art products, based on the style of Dale Chihuly’s glass art.  I am excited to be able to incorporate such technology in the classroom.  However, looking back on the glog, I have now realized that it could also be used as an in-service presentation on the possibilities of recycling.  The website allows you to develop multimedia presentations on any subject and is a fantastic resource for teachers as well as any profession.  In fact, students could use this site as a presentation tool for research projects.  I hope you enjoy checking it out!



Ms. Novak is another art teacher that I have located with an awesome blog.  Similar to the previous teacher blogs that I have discovered, Ms. Novak includes posts on product ideas, community projects, artists and cross-curricular lesson plans.  The link included here references some of Ms. Novak’s best classroom management practices.  As a new teacher, it is extremely helpful to have experienced teachers provide little tidbits of information about things that could get lost in the shuffle.  For example, in this post, you will see some end of school recommendations that a new teacher might neglect because all they can think of is the end of the first year of survival.  I am truly grateful for all of the teachers who have developed blogs and shared their ideas.

Ms. Novak


Another teacher blog that I love!  This is the blog of Mr. E., TN Elementary Art Teacher of the Year 2012.  This blog is overflowing with information about everything art education, advocacy and community involvement you could think of.  Posts include examples of units, products used within the classroom, examples of work by local artists and a little personal updates, just to name a few.  I included a link to a post that I almost cried over, classroom organization.  No seriously, I openly admit that I am mildly to moderately OCD about certain things and to see such amazing use of wasted wall space turned into beautifully organized supplies, it brought a tear to my eye.  The one thing that caught my attention right away with this blog was the list of links to other great blogs.  Mr. E’s blog is such a great resource of information especially for a new art teacher like myself!!

TN Elementary Art Teacher of the Year 2012


In todays world, where critical thinking and community responsibility seem to be slipping away, I love to support projects that advocate for social change.  Periodically I will post links to some of these projects.  Starting with the first one here.  A previous professor of mine at Carroll Community College in Westminster, MD. introduced me to this project and I absolutely am encouraged by the power of art within it everyday.


In todays worl…