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Learning log-Final Wiki Project


Well, despite some initial fears and apprehensions about this final project, I think that I managed to incorporate quite a bit of what I have learned throughout the semester.  Having a content area of art requires some serious thinking outside of the box when it comes to incorporating technology into our lesson planning.  Although, I think that technology is new for many in the education field regardless of the content area so we are all on this learning curve together.  It has been a very productive adventure and I have definitely learned alot.  Hopefully, as you will see while exploring this final project, I have developed a much grander repertoire of technology skills than I had two months ago.  I look forward to continuing this journey into the 21st century.


Learning Log-Wikis


I have spent a little time reviewing the use of wiki’s and have created a few links to some wikis that I have found to be helpful  in visualizing the possibilities of uses for wiki’s in the educational setting.  The few that I have selected to review serve very different and unique purposes but all contain valuable information and provide a great example.

 This is a wiki designed by an art educator to give viewers a general feel for the genres of visual arts that will be discussed throughout the year.  While I was initially turned off from this page because of a typo in the first sentence, I pushed on and found that I really liked the basic layout of the wiki space.  The various pages for the different genres were great, however, I feel as though this is a starting point and that this wiki can be enhanced a great deal.  Possibly including student samples is a good way to go.

I love this wiki!  This is a resource beyond all resources; especially for a new art teacher.  There are pages and links to everything from classroom management to lesson planning to assessment. It also includes references to the stages of development and the why of art education.   I could definitely see myself returning to this wiki as I am progressing through my beginning years.

This wiki is an example of a fantastically designed wikki by a teacher for his students, parents and peers.  I am extremely excited just looking at the home page and know that students would be too!  There are links to lessons and student products.  What I find most engaging with this wiki is how inviting the design is.  I am not familiar with the school and I feel like I would want to be a part of the program.   What an amazing PR site this teacher has created for his program.  I would not be surprised if every student in the school wanted to part of the art program. 

Social and Collaborative Media


I have recently created my first voicethread on the power of social networking in the school community.  Here is the link to that thread…

I found that I truly enjoyed the process of creating the thread.   Within the thread, I explored the use of twitter, social text and edmodo by teachers as well as students.  I discussed examples of how these tools could be used to accentuate the learning process for teachers and students alike.  Classsroom 2.0 and Ning were also reviewed within the thread.  Suggestions were given as to how developing a personal learning network could help  teachers with professional development.  I found that using voicethread allowed me to incorporate several learning processes into one and I look forward to exploring more uses for voicethreads in the future.


I thought that while I was adding some info, I might add a link to another tool that I have worked with lately.  Screencasting and Kerpoof!  Actually, the link below is a screencast of kerpoof, crazy I know!  Anyway, kerpoof is a site designed for use by younger grade students where they can design books and storylines as well as drawings and pictures.  Screencasting is a tool that allows you to record the user process of any web tool for further use and instruction.  Both are new tools to me that I look forward to adding to my repertoire!

Screencast and Kerpoof


Hello again!  Well, I have spent some time learning all kinds of new web tools and boy has it been an adventure!  I have discovered that it seems to take me a long time to learn any new technology, maybe it is my age maybe I am just not a computer person, who knows.  Anyway I have been reflecting on all of this new technology and how I might use this in my future art classroom.   I have included a sample motivator that I have been able to develop on a website called glogster.  The unit plan that goes along with this motivator focuses on upcycling used plastic bottles into beautiful art products, based on the style of Dale Chihuly’s glass art.  I am excited to be able to incorporate such technology in the classroom.  However, looking back on the glog, I have now realized that it could also be used as an in-service presentation on the possibilities of recycling.  The website allows you to develop multimedia presentations on any subject and is a fantastic resource for teachers as well as any profession.  In fact, students could use this site as a presentation tool for research projects.  I hope you enjoy checking it out!


Flickr Slideshow


This slideshow is a collection of personal landscape photos that I have taken over the course of the last year.  As an art educator I could use this slide show as an example of how to incorporate personal expression into an assignment.  During a unit on perspective and landscape design that focuses on the development of the foreground, middle gorund and background, I could share these photos with students and discuss the elements of the design while also discussing my personal choices and decisions as the photographer/artist.  The following two educational standards reflect the use of this slideshow in a standards driven art classroom.

Content standard 3.1.c.   Create artworks that explore the uses of the elements of art and principles of design to express personal meaning.

NETS  1.c. Teachers use their knowledge of subject matter, teaching and learning, and technology to facilitate experiences that advance student learning, creativity, and innovation in both face-to-face and virtual environments. Teachers: promote student reflection using collaborative tools to reveal and clarify students’ conceptual understanding and thinking, planning, and creative processes.

I hope you enjoy the photos!!


Flickr gallery


My first flickr gallery/slideshow.  I designed this gallery to reflect images of Pablo Picasso and some of his work.  In art classrooms, we are constantly working art history and master artists into our unit plans and this flickr gallery is one way to do just that.  I was able to gather images together in a relatively easy manner that could be used to introduce a unit on abstract art design.  Art is predominantly a visual experience and to be able to incorporate a piece of technology within the classroom enviornment would be invaluable.  I can not wait to see what I can do with some of my personal photos!



As I, again, scrolled through so many great blogs, I was reflecting on all the great ways that blogs can be used within the educational settings that we participate in.  Teachers can use blogs to keep parents and the community connected to what is going on within their classroom, as an advocacy tool and even  as a resource for lesson planning.  Students could use blogs in the classroom for many of the same reasons but also as a learning tool and a self-marketing tool.  I am truly amazed at how many different ways that blogs can be used within our school systems.  My only questions is why are we not using them more?


In todays world, where critical thinking and community responsibility seem to be slipping away, I love to support projects that advocate for social change.  Periodically I will post links to some of these projects.  Starting with the first one here.  A previous professor of mine at Carroll Community College in Westminster, MD. introduced me to this project and I absolutely am encouraged by the power of art within it everyday.


In todays worl…