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Flickr gallery


My first flickr gallery/slideshow.  I designed this gallery to reflect images of Pablo Picasso and some of his work.  In art classrooms, we are constantly working art history and master artists into our unit plans and this flickr gallery is one way to do just that.  I was able to gather images together in a relatively easy manner that could be used to introduce a unit on abstract art design.  Art is predominantly a visual experience and to be able to incorporate a piece of technology within the classroom enviornment would be invaluable.  I can not wait to see what I can do with some of my personal photos!


Art 21


Although I have heard of Art 21 before I have not read the blog before, so here it is.  “Art21 is a nonprofit dedicated to engaging audiences with contemporary visual art, inspiring creative thinking, and educating a new generation about artists working today.” The blog is a virtual meeting place where educators, students, artist and anyone who is interested gather to share ideas, thoughts and expecially art.  While reading through the blog archives I came across this particular post that I absolutlely love.  Not only does this particular post present a timeless piece of art, it also describes how the piece was incorporated into a classroom setting.  Also, the post includes some extremely thought provoking questions that, as an educator, could be used as a springboard to develop some truly inspriring unit plans.  I myself am definetly more of a process oriented artists and teacher so this post was right up my alley.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.