Hello again!  Well, I have spent some time learning all kinds of new web tools and boy has it been an adventure!  I have discovered that it seems to take me a long time to learn any new technology, maybe it is my age maybe I am just not a computer person, who knows.  Anyway I have been reflecting on all of this new technology and how I might use this in my future art classroom.   I have included a sample motivator that I have been able to develop on a website called glogster.  The unit plan that goes along with this motivator focuses on upcycling used plastic bottles into beautiful art products, based on the style of Dale Chihuly’s glass art.  I am excited to be able to incorporate such technology in the classroom.  However, looking back on the glog, I have now realized that it could also be used as an in-service presentation on the possibilities of recycling.  The website allows you to develop multimedia presentations on any subject and is a fantastic resource for teachers as well as any profession.  In fact, students could use this site as a presentation tool for research projects.  I hope you enjoy checking it out!



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