Art teacher


I found this blog through links on links of another blog.  I was truly intrigued by how the author presented herself,  as well as how she presented information.  The blog includes posts about her personal life including photos of her son and posts about units that she has conducted within her art classroom.  I truly got the sense that the blog was very personal to her, she put her heart into it.  I particularly enjoyed the post below about color mixing and Sesame Street!  I never would have thought to use an episode of Seaseme Street in an art class but now I will.  I think that one of the main reasons that I enjoyed the blog so much is because I felt a sense of connection to the author, as if I know her.  This does however pose the question of boundaries for me with regards to teacher blogs.  How much personal information is too much?  This is a question that I will pay close attention to as I research more teacher blogs.


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