Love, love this blog.  This blog is packed full of information and links for teachers who are new to using technology, especially blogging as an added benefit to teaching.  The posts include information on how to technologically manage blogs as well as topics that are designed to stimulate thought and conversation between educators about important topics in education.  For example, this post that I have found here on the blog poses the question of scaffolding vs. struggling and which is more beneficial to students.  What I found most intriguing about this post was the suggestion by the authors to not only respond here on their blog but also to generate the conversation on the readers bl0g sites as well.  I will definitely be referencing this blog in the future for information on how to complete technical tasks as well as discussion topics.


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  1. It is an intriguing topic…it was interesting to see how many of the comment leavers did not follow instructions, maybe they needed more scaffolding. The blog itself seems to be more focused on generating discussion then putting a definitive viewpoint out there which is pretty cool. I will definitely add this to my feed.

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